Should I Stay?

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Should I Stay?

  Marriage is never a cakewalk, so many often wonder why anyone even jumps the broom. In light of the recent news of Khloe and Lamar Odom reconciling their differences and deciding to withdraw their divorce petition, it's no wonder why many ask themselves - Should I Stay?   should i stay There are so many factors that weigh into this decision. Are both parties ready and willing to compromise and "right the wrongs?" Have you tried everything? And I mean EVERYTHING to find resolve? Would you both consider outside help? It's very important to only walk down the aisle once expectations are identified upfront. When life hits however, it's even more important to know that the mate you chose was truly in it until death do you part. Sometimes it takes a very painful situation to bring couples out of the darkest of places. I've found that the true test of a marriage is during its lowest of lows. Just remember that no pain lasts forever, but divorce does. ewg In the words of Annalise Keating from How To Get Away With Murder - "Choose your husband wisely. If you don't, you're the only one to blame."  

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