More to Marriage Than the Wedding

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With still so much to accomplish, I have realized how much my story and daily routines have the possibility of sparking sharing amongst women, and the ability to help someone else.


More to Marriage Than the Wedding

Weddings are incredibly beautiful. Romantic. Ceremonial. Memorable. These days however, it seems as though marriage has become more about the wedding and rings than the union itself. What happens once the cake is cut is an unknown to many of us. The expectations, disappointments, and bickering often comes before the bliss, understanding and sincere acceptance of another – if you stick it out to get there of course.
    There is more to marriage than the wedding and beautiful centerpieces.   What I've learned so far:
  • Get married, have weddings, plan them well. I only equally challenge and encourage you to seek counseling, discuss marital expectations.
  • Do whatever it takes to find resolve in disagreements and under unpleasant circumstances.
  • I’ve personally found that the most effective way to accomplish these things is with God. His wisdom, His word, His invisible yet so ever-present PUSH to get over the humps.
  • The first few years are said to be the roughest. This doesn't suggest that the rest is a cakewalk, this just shows you how important the beginning foundation is in your marital journey.
  • Marriages can, and do, succeed and last. Contrary to popular belief. All it takes is two ready and willing hearts and ONE reckoning force.
Here's to happy marriages. May we be blessed with them, may we find strength in them, and may we encourage each other to fight for them. What's your best marriage tip for marriages that last? Please leave a comment that might encourage and empower another woman today. 


  1. Diva
    09 October 15, 8:59pm

    This is nothing but the truth! I’m grateful for this post because I know you live this!

  2. Mrs. O. - Everyday Woman
    09 October 15, 9:36pm

    Thanks Hun, and you’re doing the same! We got this 🙂 Happy wives happy lives LOL

  3. Alexis
    09 October 15, 9:54pm

    So true!

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