3 Reasons Why “Happy Wife, Happy Life” Is 100% True

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3 Reasons Why "Happy Wife, Happy Life" Is 100% True

Having been married just shy of only 3 years, it truly dawned on me this past weekend how much weight "Happy Wife, Happy Life" has in my home. Hearing my husband chant it without coaching always impresses me!

Now I realize that this is a little biased coming from a woman, but as a woman, I want to further enlighten a few more men to the level of truth in this statement.

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Here are 3 reasons why this saying carries so much clout:

  • Nothing functions without the neck. – While husbands lead in marriages, let’s face it, wives are handling more than one  can ever imagine behind the scenes. Many times things get taken care of and husbands are wondering how, when, and where.
  • The kids. – If children are in the picture, moms/wives tend to master the craft of anticipating every single one of their needs. A good husband also realizes that children are smart enough to know when their mother is happy - and the importance of keeping her that way. Furthermore, great husbands know that their wife’s happiness is key when it comes to keeping the kids occupied during sports game watch time. *wink wink*
  • Intimacy. – Not much to say here right? Studies show that women are naturally more aroused, and more apt to focus on their partners’ pleasure when in good mental spirits. As extremely emotional creatures, this should come as no surprise.


While men may laugh at this saying, they sure do say it with conviction in the process. To all of the wives out there, pass this on as a hint to your husbands. We all know that they need reminders every now and again lol




  1. 07 December 15, 11:09pm

    This is beyond true. It took my husband getting some rough love to realize his key to a happy household was me! May sound selfish but like you said, we master so much without them having to think once about a situation. These days it feels like we’re dating opposed to the rough start in marriage. It’s truly a simple thing to do that yields an imeasurable payoff for a man and his entire family. Heck me and the inlaws even loving on each other now! LOL!

  2. Mrs. O.
    08 December 15, 4:21pm

    You’re so right! The beginning is challenging, but once the ‘groove’ is established you really begin to appreciate your mate more. Congrats on making it through your rough start, and cheers to 100 more years of happy marital bliss!

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