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3 Reasons Why “Happy Wife, Happy Life” Is 100% True

3 Reasons Why "Happy Wife, Happy Life" Is 100% True

Having been married just shy of only 3 years, it truly dawned on me this past weekend how much weight "Happy Wife, Happy Life" has in my home. Hearing my husband chant it without coaching always impresses me!

Now I realize that this is a little biased coming from a woman, but as a woman, I want to further enlighten a few more men to the level of truth in this statement.

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Here are 3 reasons why this saying carries so much clout:

  • Nothing functions without the neck. – While husbands lead in marriages, let’s face it, wives are handling more than one  can ever imagine behind the scenes. Many times things get taken care of and husbands are wondering how, when, and where.
  • The kids. – If children are in the picture, moms/wives tend to master the craft of anticipating every single one of their needs. A good husband also realizes that children are smart enough to know when their mother is happy - and the importance of keeping her that way. Furthermore, great husbands know that their wife’s happiness is key when it comes to keeping the kids occupied during sports game watch time. *wink wink*
  • Intimacy. – Not much to say here right? Studies show that women are naturally more aroused, and more apt to focus on their partners’ pleasure when in good mental spirits. As extremely emotional creatures, this should come as no surprise.


While men may laugh at this saying, they sure do say it with conviction in the process. To all of the wives out there, pass this on as a hint to your husbands. We all know that they need reminders every now and again lol



Should I Stay?

Should I Stay?

  Marriage is never a cakewalk, so many often wonder why anyone even jumps the broom. In light of the recent news of Khloe and Lamar Odom reconciling their differences and deciding to withdraw their divorce petition, it's no wonder why many ask themselves - Should I Stay?   should i stay There are so many factors that weigh into this decision. Are both parties ready and willing to compromise and "right the wrongs?" Have you tried everything? And I mean EVERYTHING to find resolve? Would you both consider outside help? It's very important to only walk down the aisle once expectations are identified upfront. When life hits however, it's even more important to know that the mate you chose was truly in it until death do you part. Sometimes it takes a very painful situation to bring couples out of the darkest of places. I've found that the true test of a marriage is during its lowest of lows. Just remember that no pain lasts forever, but divorce does. ewg In the words of Annalise Keating from How To Get Away With Murder - "Choose your husband wisely. If you don't, you're the only one to blame."  

More to Marriage Than the Wedding

More to Marriage Than the Wedding

Weddings are incredibly beautiful. Romantic. Ceremonial. Memorable. These days however, it seems as though marriage has become more about the wedding and rings than the union itself. What happens once the cake is cut is an unknown to many of us. The expectations, disappointments, and bickering often comes before the bliss, understanding and sincere acceptance of another – if you stick it out to get there of course.
    There is more to marriage than the wedding and beautiful centerpieces.   What I've learned so far:
  • Get married, have weddings, plan them well. I only equally challenge and encourage you to seek counseling, discuss marital expectations.
  • Do whatever it takes to find resolve in disagreements and under unpleasant circumstances.
  • I’ve personally found that the most effective way to accomplish these things is with God. His wisdom, His word, His invisible yet so ever-present PUSH to get over the humps.
  • The first few years are said to be the roughest. This doesn't suggest that the rest is a cakewalk, this just shows you how important the beginning foundation is in your marital journey.
  • Marriages can, and do, succeed and last. Contrary to popular belief. All it takes is two ready and willing hearts and ONE reckoning force.
Here's to happy marriages. May we be blessed with them, may we find strength in them, and may we encourage each other to fight for them. What's your best marriage tip for marriages that last? Please leave a comment that might encourage and empower another woman today. 

Why Did I Get Married?

Sometimes it's so easy to get caught up in the fussing and arguments in a courtship or marriage. It's important to remember, however, that the tough times are not only inevitable; but that they are also ways to seize the opportunity to learn more about your partner. Whether you've been married 6 months or 6 years you will flourish and grow daily, and it is presumed that your partner will do the same. Don't be afraid of change, embrace it, deal with it, and learn to love it. Many can attest that it keeps the relationship fresh and fun among other things. Getting married is a package deal, but should never be entered into by bargain sake. Take your time, get to know one another, and make sure that you BOTH are ready for both the good and the bad. This way you're not left asking yourself, 'Why did I get married?' couple

Encourage and empower another everyday woman today! In the good times and the bad times, remind yourself what you love about your man and why you got married in the first place. Cheers to marriages. May we build them, grow in them, cherish them, and thrive in them! Thanks for your comments.

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