Why The Everyday Woman Guide?

Like most mothers, after having my sons, Cade (3) and Beckham (8 months), I struggled with my body image, confidence and the effects of excessive weight gain. I decided early on in my pregnancy that as soon as I delivered, I was going to make lifestyle changes to reach my goals and maintain myself as a Wife, Mother, and most importantly what God made me – a Woman.

I gathered a lot of much needed information on healthy eating and meal prep, exercise and activity, and believe it or not – beauty tips. Today, 7 months later, I am over 50 pounds lighter and feel more healthy and more confident than ever.

This blog is for the average woman. The everyday woman. The budget friendly woman. The woman who can only spare 40 minutes to get herself ready in the morning. The working woman. The vivacious woman. The woman who wants to be healthy, confident and beautiful. I believe that I have found the recipe for this woman, and I continue to find ingredients to add each day.

With still so much more to accomplish, I have realized how much my story and daily routines can help someone else. Join me, let’s collaborate, exchange ideas and empower one another!

Mission: To empower and inspire ALL women to maintain their health, beauty, families and selves every. single. day.

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