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Why Did I Get Married?

Sometimes it's so easy to get caught up in the fussing and arguments in a courtship or marriage. It's important to remember, however, that the tough times are not only inevitable; but that they are also ways to seize the opportunity to learn more about your partner. Whether you've been married 6 months or 6 years you will flourish and grow daily, and it is presumed that your partner will do the same. Don't be afraid of change, embrace it, deal with it, and learn to love it. Many can attest that it keeps the relationship fresh and fun among other things. Getting married is a package deal, but should never be entered into by bargain sake. Take your time, get to know one another, and make sure that you BOTH are ready for both the good and the bad. This way you're not left asking yourself, 'Why did I get married?' couple

Encourage and empower another everyday woman today! In the good times and the bad times, remind yourself what you love about your man and why you got married in the first place. Cheers to marriages. May we build them, grow in them, cherish them, and thrive in them! Thanks for your comments.