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Safe Sex

Yes, I said it, Safe Sex! Don’t be scared to talk about it. It is very important in this day and age. And ladies and gentlemen, if your partner has a problem with discussing safe sex practices, you may want to take a step back.

After a recent episode of the infamous “Love and Hip Hop: Ney York” and an interview of “Peter Gunz” on the Breakfast Club, I found it necessary to write this post. I get it, we all like sex. Some of us love it, but definitely not enough to put our lives on the line. This man willingly admitted to not using condoms with either of the mothers of his children. And why should you trust a man that clearly has cheated on both women?! So it’s obvious to question whether he’s even sleeping with even more women than the two. Let’s be real, it doesn’t matter if that’s the father of your child or mother of your child, you should always use the appropriate protection. Unless you’re married or it’s been proven in writing that you are both “clean” AKA-disease free, then you should choose to wrap it up. Not only that who wants to be a single parent? It’s extremely rough out here with a two parent household, so I wouldn’t be able to imagine doing a 1 parent household.


Now don’t ya’ll go holding that against me! I am entitled to my own opinions, as are you. But if you are educated than you know that condoms are 99.9% effective when used appropriately against STD’s including the killer - HIV/AIDS! They are also 99.9% effective when used appropriately against getting impregnated as well. But birth control and condoms together are best from preventing pregnancy. In fact, so is abstinence – but that’s a whole separate topic.

Now, just because a woman is on birth control, that does not warrant unprotected sex, because guess what, ladies and gentlemen…You can still get an STD, trust me. If a man/woman has not shown you that they can be monogamous, why would you even have unprotected sex with them?

Let's Talk About It,

Ms. Nish

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