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New Mom 101

Ok, so I know that I've only got 2 children and they're both under 5 years old, but hear me out! I have seen quite a few of my associates have their 1st child recently, and I thought that this would be an excellent tool for them and any other first time moms out there. mommyandbaby Having my mom (mother of 4) and mom in law (mother of 7) around for extended periods of time postpartum, I was able to pick up so many tips from them after both babies were born. Out of them all, these top 3 were without a doubt the best New Mom advice I'd ever received:
  1. Babies Cry - Babies will cry, and often. After all, it is there only way to communicate. This strangely enough - the fact that it is their only form of communication - also often means that they just want to 'talk' to you. A crying baby does not always mean that something is wrong. A hug, kiss, or company may be all that they want.
  2. Let Them Sleep Alone...Early - Practicing this early on will give you sooooo much joy down the line. Teaching your baby to sleep alone early on is extremely beneficial for both you and baby, and is also arguably safer. While this may be a little later down the line for breastfeeding mothers, around 3 months old is ideal for either circumstance. Put them in their room with a dry diaper and full tummy, and let them sleep. If they cry at first, go back in to hold and kiss after about 12 min. Do this only once or twice per night, and I assure you they will adjust within a few weeks time.
  3. "Hungry, Wet, Ill" Rule - Typically these are the ONLY needs that your baby has. If they're hungry, have a soiled diaper, or they're not feeling well, fixing these issues will usually provide immediate relief. If you have confirmed that neither of these situations are applicable, the baby is 9 times out of 10 just fine. Try to think ahead of the curve and establish non-verbal cues from your baby to help think ahead of these needs.

While I only have 2 children, I had them very close together and am very familiar with the new mom early days of life. The sleepless nights, the seemingly endless breastfeeding, the crying, the anticipation of needs, the list goes on and on. When you're feeling defeated, remember that nothing lasts forever and the cycle will soon change. You'll sleep again soon, and then you'll turn around and they'll be 1 years old - and won't need you one bit!lol

Are there any other seasoned moms out there have more advice for the rest of us??? Please share and thanks in advance!

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