Little Ones And The Dentist

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Little Ones And The Dentist

Yesterday I made my 2nd trip to the dentist with my 3 year old Cade, and my first trip for my 15 month old Beckham. The oldest, Cade, has always been my big, independent, responsible child, and I never have issues with him settling and cooperating. The youngest however - we're working on things LOL


After a little bit of research, I concluded early on that it is extremely important to begin good habit oral care as early as the first tooth. While you may not schedule a pediatric dental appointment, it is a great idea to use a scrubbing tool or soft baby toothbrush to gently clean the gums and teeth. There are also teeth cleansing baby products that are fine to be swallowed. Besides keeping the teeth and mouth clean, it establishes the following for your little one:

  1. Pattern
  2. Familiarity
  3. Good Hygiene


My experience at the beginning of the tooth-brushing stage has always been rough - getting them to let you inside their mouth, and when they finally do for a very short period of time - but once our first visit to the dentist comes around, you'll realize that your persistence has paid off. For the most part, they know what's going on and allow the Dentist to do their job. These days, it certainly helps that they give them cool sunglasses to block the bright light, and headphones with an animated movie to focus on.

Lack of oral care is one of the leading and most underrated health issues in our African American community youth, but it truly doesn't have to be. Your children are eligible for free dental cleanings twice a year just like you if you have health insurance. Even if you do not, look into free health programs that are oftentimes available for our youth. 

It's up to us as moms to make sure that we teach our children young the importance of healthy teeth and hygiene. Don't be afraid, start at home and schedule an appointment!


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