Budget Friendly Education At 3 Years Old

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Budget Friendly Education At 3 Years Old

About a few months ago, we pulled my oldest son Cade out of a learning-based daycare to join his younger brother Beckham being kept at a family friend's home daycare. While Cade is only 3 years old, he learned and absorbed so much in his 14-15 months with many other kids in a learning environment. After the experience that this afforded us as a family, I would certainly approve of this method for any new moms looking to find their way in this area. I learned quickly that it is important for child development, socialization, and good preparation for pre-school and kindergarten. Let's not forget their immune systems!lol

After awhile with 2 tiny tots in 2 different facilities, the dollars and time demands began to add up. My husband and I then made the challenging decision to pull Cade out temporarily to join his younger brother. A very big adjustment for us all, I was able to look on the bright side and continue to implement some of the fundamentals that he was used to! I stumbled across a super cool site education.com, where I am able to download and print various worksheets for my son's age range.


From counting to reading to coloring, he loves them all and we work on them weekly in the evenings. He actually looks forward to his worksheets and sitting at the kitchen table to complete them. Starting "homework" as young as 2 or 3 years old was introduced to me by a close friend, and I quickly adopted the idea. It's another amazing way to prepare your toddler for what's to come in just a few short years. 


Take a peek at their 'free resource' site and let me know what kinds of 'at home' educational techniques you all are using with your little ones!



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