Breakfast For Dinner

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This blog is for the average woman. The everyday woman. The budget friendly woman. The woman who can only spare 40 minutes to get herself ready in the morning. The working woman. The vivacious woman. The woman who wants to be healthy, confident, and beautiful. 

With still so much to accomplish, I have realized how much my story and daily routines have the possibility of sparking sharing amongst women, and the ability to help someone else.


Sometimes you just want breakfast - no matter what time of day it is. So when I got home this past Friday evening, I just wanted breakfast!lol Eggs are always a household hit and I try to mix up the way that I prepare them from time to time. This meal is a great source of protein and well balanced in the nutrition department. Having a slightly larger portion than normal is absolutely fine too!



Fresh Spinach

Fresh Salsa


Apple (Peanut Butter Optional)


Would you guys ever consider this for an evening meal?

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