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About Mrs. O.

This blog is for the average woman. The everyday woman. The budget friendly woman. The woman who can only spare 40 minutes to get herself ready in the morning. The working woman. The vivacious woman. The woman who wants to be healthy, confident, and beautiful. 

With still so much to accomplish, I have realized how much my story and daily routines have the possibility of sparking sharing amongst women, and the ability to help someone else.


Weighing In

So it has been a little over a year since I gave birth to my 2nd son, and I have successfully lost and kept off a firm 75 pounds (give or take 5 pounds every so often). While it has been a feat, I must admit that the math is super simple. The foolproof equation is good eating, consistency, and light activity - period. If you want to maximize your loss, incorporate more activity and even better/stricter eating habits


Supplements are always a challenging spot for me to speak on mostly because I'm not a health expert, but I am more than happy to chat offline with those interested in trying some fat burning options that aid in the process. I have tried a couple during the short times that I was not breastfeeding, and they certainly provided a nice jolt as well as more motivation to continue my regimen.


I would ideally still like to lose around 25 more pounds before having another child, so this is my current goal as we wrap up the holidays and head into the new year.

Remember ladies, we're in this together! Leave your comments below and let's exchange more ideas and tips. What are your current goals as you prepare for 2016?






  1. 01 December 15, 11:54pm

    My goal is to be done making babies so I can focus on my body again!! Keep up the good work!! You look amazing!

  2. Mrs. O.
    02 December 15, 3:12pm

    I know right?! I for one though know that I didn’t eat as properly as I could have during my last pregnancy, so I will definitely continue my clean eating and more healthy choice selections throughout the 9 months of the next baby. It truly has been a lifestyle change for me more than anything. Being pregnant is always a struggle for me, but I feel like I know exactly what to do to avoid all that unnecessary weight gain the next time around.

    When we’re done with having these babies though – WON’T BE ABLE TO TELL US NOTHING!!!lol

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