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Over 60 Pounds Lost, How I Did It

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Your Health Legacy – 10 Ways Parents Set a Good Example for Their Children

Health LegacyMy parents set a good example by always making sure I ate my vegetables. It wasn't always easy for them; especially when it came to Brussels sprouts. ūüôā I want to share everything I know with my children so that they have the skills to maintain their happiness and health as adults. Here¬†are a few ways to continue a legacy of good health and wellness. (more…)

6 Reasons Moms Should Take Vitamins

Moms and SupplementsAs moms we are incredibly busy¬†and¬†on the go, so it is very¬†important to stay healthy. However,¬†with time at a premium it can be so difficult to eat a properly balanced, nutritious diet every single day. AdvoCare¬†Vitamins and supplements¬†are high quality, and¬†provide me with a quick and simple way to make up for any deficiencies. Keep reading for 6 reasons I think¬†moms should take¬†vitamins and supplements. (more…)

Pros And Cons Of Diet Cleanses

diet cleanseMost of us have either¬†tried or plan on trying out a form of diet cleanse. A¬†cleansing or detox is usually a juice fast that lasts for days. Sometimes it may include detoxifying supplements or limited food; it just¬†depends on what kind of a diet you are on or your personal preference. That said, I've found that there are many¬†pros and cons of diet cleanses¬†-¬†and not all are created equal. (more…)