Healthy Holiday Tips

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Healthy Holiday Tips

Cookies, pies, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, cakes, dressing, candy. You know that these delectable eats will cross your path at least once over the next couple months. Here are some helpful ways to enjoy, but not tip the scale come January:
  • Eat Only Your Favorites - Let's face it, you don't particularly care for Susie's homemade apple pie or Karen's homemade mashed potatoes - so don't eat it! If you plan your 'treat eats' out in advance, you will be more likely to pass on the items that you don't necessarily enjoy anyway.
  • Cooking Substitutions - When preparing your own personal dishes for the holidays, seek low sugar substitutes such as brown sugar vs. sugar, plain greek yogurt in mashed potatoes vs. whole cream, and low fat/low sodium chicken broths vs heavy salt use. Cutting out the calories and fat where ever you can always helps in the long run.
snack options
  • EAT BREAKFAST - It has been scientifically proven that you are more likely to over indulge in the wrong foods when you skip meals. Breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day, so be sure to kick off the day the right way.
  • Maintain Your Regular Activity - Living most of my life in Chicago, this was always a struggle during the colder months. If you see this in your horizon, pick up a couple dumb bells for the house, and plan out sit ups, jumping jacks, and other physical activities that are easily done at home. Confession - sometimes agreeing to chase my 3 year old around the house becomes my cardio for the day lol
ewg Try these tips to maintain your weight this holiday season. Thank me in January!
BONUS TIP: If you're meal hosting for the holidays, studies show that the average guest throws away 25% of the food that they've put on their plate. Try providing smaller meal plates to encourage smaller portions taken.

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