5 Weekly Weight Loss Tips

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5 Weekly Weight Loss Tips

Having recently reached a 70 pound weight-loss since last November, I often get the infamous question - "How did you do it??!!" While it's not 'easy' per se, it is actually the same equation week by week. It is 100% possible to lose weight with minimal exercise through eating habits. Here's a look into 5 things that I do each Saturday/Sunday to prep for my weekly meals/regimen:
  • WATER. - Monday through Friday (minimum), I drink nothing but water and occasional tea (no sugar). This helps to keep you flushed, hydrated, and properly 'full' between meals and snacks. Not to mention it's the best thing EVER for your body. Wash out and prep your large 20-32 oz. water cup - you will refill this throughout the day.

Meal Replacements

  • SNACKS. - You have to snack, it's inevitable and it's good for your metabolism. Purchase a large veggie tray (about $10 from Sam's Club (preferred) or a little higher with your local grocer) and ration out the veggies in small containers or ziplock bags. Keep at work, in your purse, or grab and go daily. The same goes with fresh fruits, almonds, etc. I recommend buying fruits, nuts and veggies from Sam's Club (or the like) in bulk, as the items are less expensive on a whole, usually better and fresher, and won't spoil if you're eating as much as you're supposed to.

Fresh and organic produce is a great choice

  • PLAN YOUR MEALS. - As most of you may now know, I typically only cook on the weekends. Usually I prepare at least 2 entrees or full meals, and supplement them throughout the week. My family and I then rotate between the meals, do leftovers, make breakfast for dinner, and/or have a healthy take-out night. With all that's required of me in the evenings, it just works better this way for us and even saves on energy bills! When you plan - while not foolproof - it is still much easier to stay on track. When there is no plan, it's obvious that it is much easier to fail. Plan your meals and lunches as best as you can, and aim for no portion larger than your fist.

Try a simple breakfast for dinner.

  • LIGHT EXERCISE/ACTIVITY. - Many will agree that with the right food intake, exercise only plays a small role in weight loss. It is very important to incorporate activity and movement in your daily routine, but it could be as small as spending 15-20 minutes of your lunch  break per day walking in your office building. Reserving cooking to the weekends also frees up more evening time to get active - take advantage! Being active is a great accompaniment to your diet and improves your overall health. I do not recommend ditching activity altogether, but focusing more on your diet in the beginning is absolutely the most vital to seeing progress if you are struggling with doing both.
  • WILL POWER & DISCIPLINE. - It's important to remember that balance is key. It's also crucial to learn your individual ways to satisfy and anticipate cravings, versus throwing your plan out of the window after a setback or two. Try your best to schedule your cheat meal/snack just as you schedule your regular meals, and embrace them - they are ok! When planned, it's easier to say no to random breakfast donuts or pizza lunch offers. Try to increase your activity the day of a cheat meal or snack to offset the calories. Also keep in mind that having an entire cheat day is not ideal, and will oftentimes ruin a week's worth of effort.
I hope that you got something out of my 5 weekly weight loss tips. Leave any questions/comments below ladies, and feel free to email me if you'd like some one on one conversation on how to get started.

Email: HealthyMomC@gmail.com


  1. Tara
    17 September 15, 6:28pm

    I agree. I exercise because it’s fun, strengthens my muscles, and can keep my heart healthy. However, eating right is what has helped me shed pounds.

  2. Mrs. O. - Everyday Woman
    17 September 15, 6:43pm

    Exactly! I need and want to kick my regimen up a notch as well!

  3. Ms Foxx
    26 September 15, 4:36pm

    Great tips! Very accurate and for the alcohol drinkers like myself 🙂 try doing just dry red wines or shots with a lemon/lime slice.

  4. James Everett
    26 September 15, 9:42pm

    I here you sis! This is definitely great words of advice and pure motivation. I often would tell myself the key to loosing weight will be good eating habits. Most of the food we eat is garbage and is mainly the reason why a lot of us are overweight because of our diet. I am still far away from my health goal but I am striving more everyday to get back to where I use to play basketball everyday without getting tired which is a high mountain to climb but I know it is possible. Anyway this is my little 2 cents in the matter of living a healthy life style! May we strive for greatness, stay natural, and stay beautiful inside and out! Peace and much love!!!!!!!

  5. Mrs. O. - Everyday Woman
    28 September 15, 3:53pm

    Thanks James, and you’re absolutely right – anything is possible. All it takes is one day at a time and never giving up altogether. We’re in this together, so please continue to visit the blog so that we can continue motivating one another!

  6. Mrs. O. - Everyday Woman
    28 September 15, 3:55pm

    LOL Most of us can relate and LOVE a libation or two! Red wines and shots with fresh fruit is a GREAT idea. I’ll have to do a quick post on alcohol tips while shedding the pounds. Thanks for the feedback!

  7. 17 October 15, 3:27pm

    Make sure you eat breakfast. Eating a nutrient-rich morning meal (like oatmeal with almonds and berries, or a spinach-and-feta omelet with a slice of whole-grain toast) shortly after getting out of bed literally wakes up your metabolism.
    John recently posted…Ayurveda DietMy Profile

  8. Mrs. O. - Everyday Woman
    19 October 15, 3:54pm

    Breakfast is definitely key! I absolutely must have it to get my morning started on the right foot. That meal option was perfectly balanced and just right. Thanks for your input John!

  9. Leeza S
    13 November 15, 6:04am

    I keep losing my motivation. I do well for a couple of weeks and then I fall off again. Any tips for staying motivated?

  10. Mrs. O.
    13 November 15, 5:01pm

    I can totally relate and I know the feeling. Falling off is oftentimes inevitable though – we are human. The biggest tip however is not to stay off. You can’t win the fight if you’re not in it, so stay in it and make it a lifestyle change more than anything else. You will be surprised how much we are creatures in habit. Even if you fall off for a week, I assure you that the time span will decrease more and more over time.

    My 2nd biggest tip is to educate yourself on food and what certain ingredients in your food can do to your body. When you truly know better, typically it helps you do better. There are certain unhealthy foods that I once loved that now sound super unappetizing to me. I’m now at a point where my ‘fall off’ is typically no more than 1 meal or at most 24 hours consecutively. Keep pushing, I promise you that it gets easier and easier with persistence!

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