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This blog is for the average woman. The everyday woman. The budget friendly woman. The woman who can only spare 40 minutes to get herself ready in the morning. The working woman. The vivacious woman. The woman who wants to be healthy, confident, and beautiful. 

With still so much to accomplish, I have realized how much my story and daily routines have the possibility of sparking sharing amongst women, and the ability to help someone else.


No Passes Here.

I honestly don't know what the hell is REALLY going on with some of you people, but I am truly fed up with some women out here that are perpetuating this multiple partner/cheating epidemic in holy matrimony. As such, I am hereby asking you to please start your own habitat for that mess. It's unsafe, wreckless behavior to openly allow and condone cheating and promiscuity in marriage period. Regardless of whether or not you're using condoms. Want that??? THEN STAY SINGLE. Want that and you happen to be married??? Then build your own planet and move aside because some of us are still trying to raise and maintain healthy families.


Some baseless arguments such as - we're all human, men aren't wired to be monogamous, there are too many options out here nowadays - all BS, and let me tell you why.

  1. We're all human and we make mistakes but only a careless fool knowingly enters into the sanctity of marriage with the intention of cheating at the first opportunity given.
  2. Men are human just like women. Humans are all capable of doing the right thing. I will not make excuses for men in this regard, and I would truly like to examine the source on this 'wired differently' theory.
  3. There are too many options out here for SINGLE men and women. If you are married, you had your options and you've made your choice. Make it work with your spouse or just simply walk away.

Monogamy is possible with compromise between the two of you. Listen to your spouse, make adjustments where necessary and build that castle in the sky TOGETHER.


No one is perfect, yes we are all human, but please stop copping out with this pass foolishness ladies. Hold your HUSBAND accountable. Teach your SONS the same thing. As women, we truly have more influence over things than we realize. It's time for us to start taking ownership of that, know our worth and stop being the women that men cheat with, and kill this side chick/pass epidemic once and for all. At least that's my plan.  


  1. 18 November 15, 10:28pm

    I totally agree, it’s a shame what people will try to convince themselves is okay in order to justify their actions. My husband and I dated for a long time and lived our lives before we decided to get married. It’s a choice, one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. When in doubt, stay single, don’t intentionally interfere with another woman’s family. We as humans have the power of choice and discernment. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. I’m just saying!

  2. Mrs. O.
    23 November 15, 5:40pm

    “WHEN IN DOUBT, STAY SINGLE.” Couldn’t have said it better. Choice and discernment are definitely key as well! Not surprised that we are on one accord here. Cheers to women who get it. Take care hun!

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