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Husband First Children Second

This may not resonate at first glance, but keep reading... Bringing a child into this world is arguably one of the most memorable experiences for a woman, even I will attest to this. Becoming a wife, to some, is also high on the list. Now while I am not of extreme religious character, there are some basic principles that I recognize and practice from the bible. Some of those things include the Ten Commandments, honoring thy father and mother, submitting to my husband, and accepting that my husband comes before my children. husband I have to admit that I have seen quite a bit of conflicting comments related to this on social media, in overheard conversation, etc. I have also noticed in most cases however, that the children in these circumstances are often not the husband's. This is such an important detail, and I believe that it affects a woman's readiness to adopt this principle. If the children are not your husband's, it may prove to be more difficult to believe how any woman can put another man before her own seed(s). Although I know that this does not matter according to the bible (mostly because your children should unequivocally be your husband's as well), I can sympathize with this argument in today's society. Ladies, please remember however, that when you are saying 'yes' to your husband, you are equally saying 'yes' to your faith in his ability to lead your household, union, AND children. Putting your husband and his needs first is so crucial. Not only does it demonstrate and reiterate submission in your matrimony, I have found it to be one of the fundamental keys to a healthy marriage. I also strongly believe that it creates a strong practice for your children to abide by, so that they too can thrive in wedlock. ewg Ultimately as parents, more often than most you want to see your children have healthy relationships, get married, and have children someday. Providing them with the tools to do this effectively is no different than planning for their education or any other future goal you have in mind for them. Today, I challenge women to be selective. To consider what they are saying 'yes' to, and to put their husbands FIRST. When you sincerely love AND respect your husband, the return is immeasurable. And guess what, your children reap the benefits of that as well.


  1. 03 November 15, 10:27pm

    One thing that is so important to point out about your post is where you said this: “when you are saying ‘yes’ to your husband, you are equally saying ‘yes’ to your faith in his ability to lead your household, union, AND children.” I feel strongly that if a woman ‘gets’ this part right, submitting to that man is easy. We as women, especially those who have children from a prior marriage, MUST get this right. If not, and they say yes to a man who does not lead the blended family as a union or mistreats your children…nature inevitably brings out a mother’s ferocious instinct to protect her child-over and above the man. We MUST say yes-right, in the first place, then submit to your Godly man.
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  2. Mrs. O.
    03 November 15, 10:32pm

    AND THIS IS WHY I LOVE MY MOMMY….I agree 150%.

  3. 13 November 15, 6:00am

    I loved reading this. As a single woman with most of my close friends being married, I hear this often and it’s hard for me to wrap my mind around it. But I do hope to grasp an understanding before I get married. Thanks for the wisdom!

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