Houston Real Estate Forecast: Sunny and Selling

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From the Desk of Courtney Okanlomo:

Houston Real Estate Forecast: Sunny and Selling

It is no secret that 2008 marked the largest real estate bubble in United States history, but one city that has managed to stay successfully afloat has certainly been Houston. In fact, Houston, Texas never lost its position as the #1 single-family market in the country. There appears to be alot of optimism surrounding Houston real estate at the moment, and I for one do not want any of my clients to miss out on this.  

Between first time and repeat buyers, experienced sellers, and knowledgeable Realtor representation, this accomplishment is of no surprise to most. In fact, it is has been forecast that Houston will realize 10% or higher growth in home sales volume this year - coming behind setting a 2016 record in this category.

If you're considering purchasing a home, or even positioning yourself to purchase one, it certainly seems as though Houston wouldn't be a bad place to start your search.  Home sales in Houston could potentially see double digit price increases in the year 2018, which is quite frankly an occurrence that the region hasn't seen in 35+ years.  

Houston real estate has proven to be a force for quite some time. Are you ready to join us?!





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