About Ms. Nish


Sweet & Sour

I decided to start blogging because I like to vent, and I wanted to put my words out there. Being young, single, successful, and a black female is hard honey! I never thought it would come to this at this stage in life. I want to share my experiences with you all and get feedback from both men and women.

Here I am at 30 years old and I cannot say that I have had a relationship that was solid in over 5 years. It could be that I didn’t want one at first, it could be that I was trying to navigate my way around Houston, or honestly it could be that I’m particular and will not settle for just any man to hop up on a thrown to be my king. I would say that I have grown tremendously in the last 5 years and even in the last year. I have never loved myself more than I do now. But sometimes, I feel like I am failing. Although I may be successful and have a nice life. What is a life without a companion or love? I don’t want to look up and be 40, and there isn’t a companion there.

So within the last several months I have been working on bettering myself for my King once he presents himself to me. I have spent a lot of time asking God questions, talking with single friends, married friends, single men, married men, and talking with a therapist. Yes, I said it, therapist. Probably one of my better decisions. Who better to speak with than someone that has never met you? I promise you that it’s easier when the person doesn’t know you, to talk to them and open up. I can say whatever without being judged, and I know that it won’t leave that room. That’s another story we can talk about at a later date. And no, I’m not certified crazy! I’m crazy in a funny-serious way. Hence the sweet and sour name above.

So send me your questions, comments, concerns, and suggestions. I’m always open. Can’t wait to start sharing with you all!

-Ms. Nish