Mrs. O Everyday

I am a woman of God, a woman of great character, a woman of growth and change, and a woman of empowerment. In just over 30 years of playing this game called life, I would have to say that I learned most of life’s challenging lessons over the last few years. Getting married, having children, and moving across the country have all been the most valuable experiences that have shaped me into who I am today.

I didn’t do all of these things ordinarily or traditionally either. I moved from Chicago, Illinois to Houston,Texas at the age of 24 without a solid job lined up. I had my 1st child before getting married. I am an African-American woman who in many opinions married outside of her race to a man of Nigerian descent. I am living proof that there is no rule book in life, and that things happen how and when they are supposed to.

Today, 6 years later, I have 2 beautiful boys – Cade (3) and Beckham (8 months) – an amazing, God fearing husband, and a thriving career. To whom much is given however, much is tested and required. It is a daily goal of mine to be the best Wife, Mother, and Woman that I can be, and this covers a lot of ground. If I accomplish nothing else with the Everyday Woman Guide, I would like to evoke change in the life, perception and/or reality of just 1 Woman.

Best Wishes,

Mrs. Courtney O.

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